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Title: Private Pool Party
Featuring: Trisha and Dave
A mature couple get nude and enjoy the private pool in their backyard. In open view of neighbors, they fuck hard and leave the pool dirty.
Video Length: 15 minutes, 15 seconds
Title: Fresh and Fucked
Featuring: Amy and Derek
Horny teens Amy and Derek take a drive to a secluded area in the trees to find a private place to satisfy their young lust for each other.
Video Length: 17 minutes, 14 seconds
Title: Backseat Finger Fun
Featuring: Trisha and Dave
Trisha warms herself up in the back seat of the car as her husband drives to the nearest hotel for some adult private time.
Video Length: 18 minutes, 59 seconds
Title: Oral Overdrive
Featuring: Sabrina and Curtis
Lucious latina Sabrina and her man are out for an afternoon drive. But
the sites just aren't exciting enough for this hot couple, so she offers
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Title: Back Seat Blond
Featuring: Joelle and Ryan
Joelle and Ryan need to find a place to frolic, so they take to the backseat of his car. Sexy Joelle sucks Ryan's cock and then stips down to her sweet white panties. She is hot and eager and helps herself out while Ryan watches. When she's
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Title: Camping Creampie
Featuring: Tania and Paul
This hot young couple go out in the woods for an overnighter and take advantage of the privacy. They lay out an old blanket on the leaves net to their tent and fuck like nobody is watching. Paul pounds Tania in missionary position until he cums
Video Length: 14 minutes, 35 seconds